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We always recommend that the owners of any property in Spain should make a will, in order to save time and money in case of problems in the future. For this you must rely on the experience and advice of a solicitor.

The conveyance of assets which you own in Spain will be carried out very simply by filling in a form (in both languages: Spanish and English) which we will provide for you to prepare your will, and which you can sign before a Notary.

The will which you sign will list all the assets you own in Spain (house, car, bank accounts, etc.) and only these, since it can be changed as many times as you wish while your stay in Spain. Should your personal circumstances change, all you need to do is to ask for the amendment of your will.

This will remains independent of any other that you may have in any other countries, and it is even advisable, given that it only covers the assets you have in Spain.

On the other hand, if you are a relative of a person who has died in Spain, we will take care of the will for you.