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In accordance with Spanish Law (specifically Royal Decree 766/1992 and Law 7/1958), it is compulsory for foreigners to obtain an N.I.E. (Foreigner’s Identity Number) who for economic or other reasons, among others, are attached to Spain.

If you intend to acquire a property in Spain you will need this document, which you will find very useful, especially if you wish to buy a car, deal with Spanish authorities, pay taxes or go to hospital.

This is a personal I.D number which is given to you for life and it is issued by the police. In order to get this document we will need two passport-size photographs, a copy of your passport authorised by a notary, your signature on the form provided by the police and special authorisation to apply for, process and obtain this document.

Finally, we should add, that we generally process your N.I.E. early on so that by the time you have your property you already have your N.I.E.