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If you are planning to buy a house in Spain, we will put you in contact with a Spanish solicitor in the area, who speaks your language. Your solicitor can solve any doubts you may have regarding the Spanish laws and regulations that apply to the sale and purchase of a property.

Once your general doubts are clarified, we will begin to analyse your specific needs, drawing up a contract or explaining the clauses of the contract you bring us, in order to solve the doubts of your particular case.

If you sign the contract, we will arrange the usual documentation which is attached to the purchase of a property, such as obtaining an Identity Card for Foreigners (N.I.E.), drawing up a will and attaining powers of attorney.

During the validation of the contract we will be at your service to assist you with respect to any doubts and queries that may arise in due course.

If you need to finance the purchase, we will put you in contact with a Spanish bank and arrange the necessary documentation. Equally, we can arrange the insurance on the money you hand over to the builder or property developer during the validation of the contract.

Once you inform us that the property is completed, we will prepare the sale and purchase documents and carry out a final check to ensure that the property you are about to purchase has no outstanding charges, debts, encumbrances or liens.

Your solicitor will accompany you on the day of signing your property deeds, providing you with the appropriate documentation and translating any documents referring to the property, and lastly you will sign the property deeds in his presence.

Finally, we will arrange the tax payments on the your property and register the documents with the Spanish Property Registry Office.

Once the papers are signed, we will act as your legal representative before the Minister of Finance and Taxes, calculating your taxes and arranging payments on your behalf.